iCRAFT International internship from Republic of Namibia

iCRAFT International internship 09/2019-03/2019
Mr. Tomas Kapiye (From Republic of Namibia)

He finished on this March “iCRAFT International Internship program”.
He worked for open source software ”LibreOffice” and others in iCRAFT for 6 months during the program.
His interview is listed below.

1. What was your first impression of iCRAFT?

I knew more about what iCRAFT does from outside(website) but not from inside and I didn’t know how many international people were employed nor did I know if I would fit in.
Most of the employees are Japanese so having a little skill of Japanese to be able to communicate with the colleagues was most helpful. Since iCRAFT it is an open-plan office setup, we could always and easily communicate to colleagues when we needed to collaborate on an assignment.

2. How do you feel for finishing this internship?

I feel more enriched with technical skills, business skills as well as cultural knowledge.
It is a great accomplishment I feel , I have given it my best but also a bit sad that I will be leaving colleagues that I have worked closely with for the past 6 months.

3. Can you use this experience(Internship) for your career in nearly future?

Yes, I can. I was exposed to different enviroments such as blockchain, networks, python programing (RPA) as well as the Open Source (which is very wide with different range of softwares and people). All these will be helpful moving forward.

4. Message for iCRAFT’s people

I have had a great experience for the past 6 months, not only in the office but also outdoors with iCRAFT. In addition, I think it is a fast paced environment especially when you need to meet the customer’s needs, so I therefore wish them all the best.「皆さん頑張ってください。」Last but not least, I would like to thank each one of them for making my time in iCRAFT as fruitful as possible.

5. Message for candidates of internship in future

I advise them to first learn what iCRAFT specializes in and enter the internship period in iCRAFT with a plan, in this way, they can learn as much as possible during their internship period.

Thank you, Tomas!
We wish you great success and good luck!!!

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[about iCRAFT International internship]
We are accepting applications for IT intern.
1. Eligible applicant: who finished the ABE Initiative program(JICA) , student and others
2. Place : headquarter (Kobe), branch(Tokyo)
3. Salary : No salary however compensation can be available according to our company’s regulations depending of your competences.
4. Allowance: Transportation and meal (lunch)Contact us with the following information:
– CV(Resume)
– Period
– Schedule(working time)
– Desired work of experience
(we can arrange shift.)

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