[MoU] Working Partnership for Education of IT engineers:iCRAFT Corp. and RWANDA INTEGRATED POLYTECHNIC REGIONAL COLLEGE OF TUMBA



The memorandum of understanding, hereinafter referred to as “MoU”, is made between: RWANDA INTEGRATED POLYTECHNIC REGIONAL COLLEGE OF TUMBA(IPRC-Tumba), P.O BOX 3368 Rulindo, Northern province, Rwanda, and iCRAFT Corp. on May 2019.

IPRC-Tumba is a constituent college of RWANDA polytechnic, a higher learning institution established with a mission of producing competent technicians with hands-on skills and an entrepreneurship culture.


◆Purpose of the MoU

The object of this MoU is to establish collaboration between the two parties in carrying out overseas and remote training, research,consultancy, IT service delivery,exchange staff, visits, exchange programs, etc..

RECOGNIZING :the important role that IPRC-Tumba play in Education and capacity building of your engineers. And the importance that iCRAFT play in global IT service delivering and hands on skills trainings.
UNDERSTANDING:that the working partnership will support the achievement of their goals.
AKNOWLEDGING :that both institutions have missions of using various technologies to deliver quality of service, training, applied research, and community outreach by using ICT as a tool,
APPRECIATING:the necessity of sharing resources available at both institutions in enhancing the provision of higher technical education and trainings as well as service delivery,
CONSCIOUS:of the various needs, requirements, constraints and changes taking place in man power development and the need to keep abreast with these changes.


◆Areas of collaboration

PROVIDE INTERNSHIP PROGRAMSiCRAFT agrees to offer opportunity to IPRC-Tumba students to carryout overseas or remote internship in Japan. iCRAFT will provide technicians to facilitate trainings aiming at upgrading technical skills of IPRC-Tumba trainers and graduates.
・ESTABLISHING OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITYIPRC-Tumba agrees to establish LibreOffice Community under support of iCRAFT. Both parties will participate in respective LibreOffice Conferences and conduct research related. IPRC-Tumba will establish the Open source Community under the support of iCRAFT.
・JOINT BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES:The two parties will explore opportunities of undertaking joint research related to Blockchain technologies. iCRAFT will provide support on trainings of Blockchain to students and staff of IPRC-Tumba.
SUPERVISION OF STUDENT’S PROJECTS:The two parties agree to undertake joint supervision of IPRC-Tumba students’ final year projects. Through IPRC-Tumba Incubation Center, the two parties will select innovative idea from students’ final year projects and both parties will avail a competent supervisor as per expertise requirements of the project to be implemented.
STAFF EXCHANGE:The two parties will explore opportunities for interaction among staff of both institution as well as creating visits for both sides. The purpose of visits shall be for working culture exchange, sharing innovative ideas to be implemented, conducting Research and Professional trainings..
JOINT RESEARCH PROJECTS:The two parties will explore opportunities of undertaking joint research projects and may jointly seek funding from external funding agencies. Such research proposal shall require approval of the respective party; both parties may formulate joint presentation, workshops, conferences and joint publications.
JOINT CONSULTANCY PROJECTS:The two parties agree to support each other technically in acquired consultancies based on mutual interests and available expertise in both parties.
The areas of cooperation may be revised from time by mutual consent. However, specific programs may require separate agreements detailed out and documented as annexes to this MoU.
Financing of collaborative programs:The two parties will consider approaching their respective governments, international funding agencies and industries for the purpose of initiating and realizing the objectives of the collaborations. Special efforts will be given to obtain funded projects from industry to sustain such collaborations.