iCRAFT International internship from Federal Republic of Nigeria



iCRAFT International internship 04/2019-09/2019
Ms. Agada Ihuoma Sophia (From Federal Republic of Nigeria)

She finished on this September “iCRAFT International Internship program”.
She worked for open source software ”LibreOffice” and Blockchain team in iCRAFT for 6 months during the program.
Her interview is listed below.


1. What is the reason for your application to this internship?

Answer: My main reason for applying to iCRAFT Corporation was to diversify my knowledge in IT. As an Electrical Engineer, I was looking forward to balancing my skills in IT as well as finding common grounds between IT and renewable energy. Also, How I can use IT applications in the Energy sector. This was my main drive to doing my internship in iCRAFT.


2. What was your first impression of iCRAFT?

Answer: It was indeed a friendly environment, great reception, and hospitality from Mr. Yamamoto and other staff.


3. What did you do for the internship in iCRAFT?

Answer: I was involved in two sections:
a. Free open-source software community, where I was engaged in finding Bugs, reproducing it and offering an alternative solution (Debugging).
b. Blockchain Team: For the team, I made the website, as well as learned how to write a smart contract.


4. How do you feel for finishing this internship?

Answer: Its indeed a mixed feeling, a part of me is sad because I will miss the people of iCRAFT, but the other part is happy because its time to put into practice what I have learned.


5. Can you use this experience (Internship) for your career in nearly future?

Answer: Of course, I can. IT services cannot be overemphasized as it widely used in all areas of life.



6. Message or advice for candidates of the internship in the future.

Answer: My advice for the incoming interns is that they should set goals of what exactly they want to learn and achieve during the time as an intern. Most importantly, they shouldn’t limit their selves to learning anything including the Japanese language.


7. Message for the Staff of iCRAFT’s.

Answer: My message for the iCRAFT people is that they should be free to express their selves regardless of the language barrier to foreigners and take the opportunity to learn another language (English) which Most ABE participants are good at, during the time of the internship.

We are encouraged by your positive personality.
Thank you, Sophia!



about iCRAFT International internship

We are accepting applications for IT intern.
1. Eligible applicant: who finished the ABE Initiative program(JICA) , student and others
2. Place : headquarter (Kobe), branch(Tokyo)
3. Salary : No salary however compensation can be available according to our company’s regulations depending of your competences.
4. Allowance: Transportation and meal (lunch)Contact us with the following information:
– CV(Resume)
– Period
– Schedule(working time)
– Desired work of experience
(we can arrange shift.)
We are waiting for your contact!