iCRAFT Blockchain Services

iCRAFT Blockchain Services

iCRAFT provides best solution to support your idea.

Design and development of smart contract on Ethereum blockchain

iCRAFT can design and build your smart contracts on Ethereum.
A smart contract is a program that allows us handle the status and the behavior of data stored on blockchain. Once deployed, a smart contract cannot be altered or tampered, thus it needs to be well thoughtful and carefully designed.
Ethereum has been proven his place of a leader as smart contract platform, and hosts today the contracts of the most famous decentralized application (Dapp).
Smart contract programming differs from typical programming process by the points below:

-It needs high security as we exchange money
-We cannot stop and change the program once we launched it
-Open source

Security Auditing to Achieve Reliable Smart Contracts

Let iCRAFT audit your contracts in order to prevent from external attacks.
Nowadays, auditing by highly skilled and experienced engineers is essential as cryptocurrency fraud is caused by low security.

We will:
– Prevent your smart contract from known attacks discovered until now.
– Check the security of contract and verify if all the basis rules are respected.
– Get solution for the different dangerous parts we discovered.
– Get a detailed report explaining each steps we followed during the audit.

Building Blockchain network for business

iCRAFT has studied many different blockchain projects and its implementations. Our experience and skills allow us advice and help businesses which aims to launch and implement blockchain technology.

– Crowdsale consulting: Let us help you to find the best way to implement a token economy in your business plan.
– Implement your own private blockchain with hyperledger. (in preparation)

Education on blockchain

Despite 10 years after its existing, blockchain is still a new technology and many people doesn’t know what blockchain exactly does. One of our objective is to provide education to people and make them aware of blockchain in the new upcoming era. Moreover, iCRAFT has spent a lot of time and energy to get the best competences in this domain and we would love to share our passion for this technology.

Block Tips – Blockchain Meetup in Kobe –

This group is open to everyone who is interested in knowing blockchain or people who already have knowledge or working experience in this field.

Please Join us!

Working partnership for education

iCRAFT offers opportunity to carryout overseas or remote internship in Japan and support on trainings of Blockchain to students and staff of partner universities.

【Partner Univiersities】